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  • Our Mission is Value

    Through thorough research and historical context, Historical Asset Research Services brings value to your historic real estate assets.




  • What It Is



    • Mills Act 
    • Historic Registry
    • Local, State and Federal considerations and historic registers.


    Historical Title Research

    • Chain of Ownership
    • Types of Transactions
    • Racial Covenant Research

    Chain of Occupancy

    • Learn about the historical occupants of your property. 
    • Learn the rental history of your property. 

    Prominent Occupant Research

    • Discovering more of your notable occupants. 
    • Various types of genealogical data. 

    Historical Event Research

    • What has your property played host to?
    • Historic events research from teas and parties to crimes. 

    Contextual Report Writing

    • Understanding of your property in the larger historical landscape of your community.
    • Your property's unique place in local and national history. 

    Place Narrative

    • Place narratives have the ability to provide a deeper understanding of place and community. 
    • Reinvention of a place.
    • It is important to know that story, and to tell it well. 


  • For Home Owners / Historical Custodians

    If you are interested in obtaining a place narrative for your historic real estate asset you can expect:


    • Eligibility to the Mill's Act, for property tax incentives, between 40% and 60% tax savings over a minimum of a decade!
    • A deeper understanding of your property's unique story.
    • Knowledge of who lived in your home historically. 
    • Knowledge of any changes made to the home during its history.
    • Ability to understand your property in the larger historical landscape in your community. 
    • Eligibility for placement on your city or town's local historical register. 
    • Pride in ownership of an historic asset and your place in its story. 

    For Realtors

    If you are selling or brokering a historic real estate asset you can expect:

    • A more unique sales pitch.
    • A more personal experience with prospective buyers. 
    • Ability to share a unique aspect of the property you represent. 
    • Utilizing the place narrative of your property to close the deal. 
    • Ability to utilize the research and place narrative in price negotiations. 
    • Utilizing the Mill's Act for property tax incentives for prospective buyers. 
    • Making the intrinsic value of the property shine. 
  • House Histories!

    Sometimes, walls do talk!

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    The stately Neo-Classical Revival home at 2009 North Victoria Drive is easily one of the most...
    2121 N Flower – The House that Westerns Built The early Ranch style home with American Colonial...
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    Clients Jill C. and Chad B.

    2014 N. Flower St. Santa Ana

    Dylan was fabulous to work with. We knew our new (to us) home was eligible for Mills Act but we had no idea where to begin. Thanks to Dylan, the process was incredibly easy. He is thorough and highly communicative, making the application process a breeze (rather than the headache it could be). We saved tons of time and stress by having him collect information and guide us through the process. Couldn't imagine doing it ourselves!

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    Christine Switzer

    In July 2017, after living in Floral Park for 8 years, I decided it was time to determine if my 1931 English Tudor home would qualify for the Mills Act and Historic District designation. I started at the Historical Library, a small room within the Santa Ana Library, and met Dylan Amendral sitting at small desk surrounded by ledgers, books, notes and a several young adults he was supervising. Immediately I knew I would appreciate working with Dylan as he cared for this special population. Dylan effortlessly helped me negotiate finding the year my house was built, the builders and the previous owners. However, because of his his magic sleuthing work he discovered the accomplishments of previous owners. When he revealed Jenny Lasby Tessmann, one of the United States first women astronomers, lived in my house and that she taught at Santa Ana College where the planetarium is named after her, he did not stop there. He unearthed many newspapers articles detailing her active life in academia, her charity work in Santa Ana, her summer vacations and people with whom she socialized. He made my house priceless as it became alive with her stories. If you want to learn if your home will qualify for the Mills Act and Historical Designation, there may be those who can help. But, if you want to know about the people who lived in your home, there is no one better than Dylan. He is well informed, uses good judgment and can find out the authentic significance of your home including learning about the previous owners.


    Christine Switzer, Home Owner

    Floral Park

    Santa Ana, CA


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    Kevin and Lauren Marshall


    Dylan was very helpful, communicative and thorough in his research on our home. During the research he found pictures of one of the former occupants, one of the first SAPD Motorcycle Police and he really brought out the story of our home and a sense of deeper value.

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    Each Story is Different and Deserves Unique Attention